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tv   John King USA  CNN  February 17, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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crazy okay sa deya. she is suggesting a dog feed eatoff. >> conan o'brien, are you going to eat dog food with me? >> reporter: we suggest adding salt. >> salt is great for adding all the flavors. >> reporter: it may not leave you howling for more. at least your dog won't complain about your breath. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. that does did for me. john king starts right now. thanks, candy. tonight, a vicious and deadly assault on anti-government demonstrators in the arab world. eyewitnesses in the capital of bahrain say some were sleeping when they were shot, some were women and children and some roughed up were doctors and paramedics who came to treat the
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wounded. bahrain is a tiny island kingdom, tiny but very important, connected to saudi arabia by a 14-mile causeway. iran across the persian gulf. at the white house, a blunt rebuke of the kingdom's crackdown. >> the united states believes strongly that the violence is not an appropriate reaction when the peoples of this region or any region are peacefully protesting and airing their grievances. >> the administration is more than nervous about what comes next. it is critical to u.s. efforts to safeguard oil from the region. in this vital neighborhood. heartbreaking is one word "the new york times" say after he had a first-hand look after the results of the crackdown. we spoke a bit earlier. >> i have been to the hospital
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now a couple of times today and it was overwhelmed with hundreds and hundreds of people with every kind of injury imaginable. it was flooded with mothers who had lost their children and were just frantic trying to locate their children. in the tear gas attack and the bullets flying, people just fled in every which direction. there is still quite a number of people who are just missing. we don't know what happened to them. the person that broke my heart the most was a doctor, a plastic surgeon who just returned from a trip to houston and he wass on the round b-about treating the injured. he identified himself as a doctor but the riot police grabbed him and mocked him as a
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shiite, handcuffed him and beat and kicked him, broke his nose. he is still a bloody pulp, on oxygen. he cannot speak. then, they pulled down his pants and said they were going to rape but, in the end, they did not, in fact, do that. when that happens to a respected plastic surgeon, you can't imagine what happens to people that were anonamust. >> it is a place that projects itself as the kinder, gentler, more open society. you are seeing glimpses of something very, very different. >> reporter: i thought i knew bahrain and i admired what i knew in many ways. it has been somewhat of a beacon of tolerance and moderation. this is not only a wealthy area,
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banking capital, cosmopolitan, highly educated, women play a significant role in society and then you have a ruler in a place like this open fire on his people, it is not only heartbreaking, it just shatters every understanding you have about this place. >> what was your sense at the hospital? the demonstrators proved they weren't going anywhere. what is the mood and spirit there? >> well, people say they will sacrifice themselves. just now, they were chanting that they will shed arab blood for the martyrs and sacrifice themselves. in fact, i have covered a lot of these movements and, generally, frankly, the history is that the key factor in determining whether a democracy movement succeeds or not is not the courage of the people or their
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vision but it is rather the willingness of the government to kill people and where government is ruthless enough, it will typically surprise. if hosni mubarak had been able to have troops open fire in large numbers on people in tahrir, he might still be in power. i fear that may be one lesson that the king here had absorbed. >> you heard that account, a chilling account from nick kristof. that's the scene when the riot police came in with tear gas firing bullets and many of protesters were sleeping. here, you see people being rushed and treated at the hospital in manama, the capital of bahrain. the new special envoy for the government spoke to cnn and he
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defended the government's crackdown. >> i have explained that the force used was really proportional, we had to use it, because it was necessary. the process started to destruct our national economy and scaring the people. >> that's the explanation from the bahraini government. nick, when you listen to the special on envoy saying the response was proportional, saying they were disrupting and not pieeacefully protesting, that's at odds with your reporting? >> reporter: it is. the hours immediately after the crackdown, we talked to some of the people that they say they were sleeping. they weren't in the least bit
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prepared for the police coming in. the interior ministry has said the protesters were given fair warning. they told us they weren't. the government has shown on television today pictures of knifes and guns that circulate to journalists like ourselves, pictures of wounded security policemen. some with some quite significant injuries. look, this is what happened to our security officers as well. there were some battles and fighting going on that said that security officials were injured. but it is very hard to square that with a picture of what we saw going on last night, which was a large number of heavily armed police and a very carefully, coordinated, planned and prepared operation go into that square with the one goal of driving everyone off. i think what we heard from the foreign minister hearsay it is the same thing as a special envoy, the country staring into
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a sectarian abyss, they had to do something, it all comes back to protecting the economy in the country. >> that is the regime's statement. they were meeting there in manama. they are all nervous about the potential spread. what came out of that meeting and what's your sense of what's next? >> reporter: well, it was a very tough message for any protester in any of these countries. it was essentially an all for one and one for all. security of any one country of the eight members in the gcc, gulf cooperation council, in any one of those members, it means they say with the security and stability of all, that they will use it, which means they will come in to support and aid the security. bahrain can count, for example, on the army of saudi arabia and the army of the amari.
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there is no doubt for the king that he knows he has a lot more military muscle to back up his own security forces if the problems get that big, if he needs it, if that's the direction they go in, john. >> nic robertson, live for us in a very fragile manama, bahrain. let's discuss this with our national security council, fran townsend. number one, bahrain, has a vital usair u.s. area. i don't know if we have ever had a president go to bahrain but this one is important, yet the administration is furious at the crackdown. >> you can't underscore what a press miss this is. the significance of the gcc statement has to be sort of underscored. here, they view themselves as --
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bahrain, thus goes bahrain, goes the gulf. the saudi arabia has the bridge. my understanding is that there are significant force increases on the saweddy side of thaudi se border. the shia are a minority in saudi arabia. this is an incredibly strategic point for all of the gulf. >> secretary of state clinton back in december, a few months ago, was talking to a group at a town hall meeting in bahrain. listen to her talking about her optimism that reforms will happen. >> it is easy to be very focused internally and see the glass as half empty. i see the glass as half full. i think the changes that are happening in bahrain are much greater than what i see in many other countries in the region.
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>> that's the secretary of state talking to you in bahrain. yet, we are having this conversation six months or a year ago, we would think bahrain was taking more steps, more liberal, more moderate, more open but as is the case in many areas if we could go through the countries in the gulf, from kuwait and the larger ones, down the coast, one step forward is often followed by two steps back. >> i am not defending their current conduct. in fairness, we ought to put in context in bahrain, like many countries, including kuwait, there is a large opposition in the parliament, some which is extremist. they have suffered with interference. there is a real sensitivity to outside influence and extremist influence. it is hard to tell whether that's playing a part or whether these are peaceful protesters
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looking for change. you have to understand the government of bahrain and the allies in the region are -- >> you say fear based on history. when you look at that map and you know how important and you see the intelligence when you are in the bush administration. you know how important that natal base is to protecting oil shipments and to keeping an eye. there are a lot of u.s. intelligence assets along the gulf that those governments don't like to talk about. we are watching what iran and others are doing. the united states reacted difrm. does the regime in bahrain get more slack because of that military installation and their importance to the united states. >> we will have to see. we have heard senior administration officials saying the importance of the president being on the right side of history. after the fall of the mubarak government, we saw a tick-tock, timeline, chronology. i expect the same thing is going
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on now. let's be candid about the strategic importance. part of the reasons they are there is to keep the straits of hormuz open. we can't afford not to have the fifth fleet there. we can't afford to have this unrest threaten us there. >> the democracy and shia majority which has now rule bid a sunni minority kingdom, would the shia majority allow that base to say? >> pretty tough question. we don't feel confident they would permit them to say. that is going to be a big driver in the administration's response. >> fran townsend, appreciate your insight. sarah palin won't say if the president is from the united states and she says the first lady wants a nanny. the outcome there will impact cash-strapped states across america. with aarp we can fly out to see family.
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wisconsin is in gridlock tonight. these protests were led by groups including president obama's grass root organizations. they include limits on collective bargaining. among the governor's proposals, prohibiting unions from deducting dues from paychecks. cash-strapped states from coast to coast are watching this showdown. so is the president of the united states. >> some of what i have heard coming out of wisconsin where you are just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. >> governor walker says he had no choice and was elected to make tough decisions. the plan is in limbo, because state senate democrats, they
7:18 pm
boycotted their session and there was not enough members to move ahead with the planned votes. let's discuss the states and the national implications. joining us, candy crowley and dana bash. somebody watching in utah or california or massachusetts might say, why do i care? if you don't live in the dakotas, there is a problem. >> you have red ink and that's the huge difference between here, where you print more money, in the states where you are qurequired to balance your budget. this plays out across the country we have seen in new jersey where chris christie took on quite verbally teachers across the state. you know, it is interesting to me how the opposition is selling this now. it's about union busting, because that has more rest son
7:19 pm
nance they believe than saying, we don't want to take cuts in our pay. we don't want to have to pay more for our pension or health care. >> i want to go live out to madison, wisconsin, nick is there from wtmj. he has been watching these protests play out all day. do they understand and i want details of whether the democrats are going to come back to work, do they understand that the nation is watching in wisconsin? >> reporter: yes, i think that has become clear, between yesterday and today, there has been some increase to national exposure on this story. i think people are aware that this is a big fight. most certainly, the union leaders are aware this is a big fight. we know that some of the largest municipal and county, state employee unions have brought in national leaders and national lobbyists too put pressure on the state of wisconsin on this issue. i think people here are well aware of what's at stake. >> how long do the state senate
7:20 pm
democrats staged a sit-in, because they can't go to work but go away, a sit-out? they are at an undisclosed location. is there any sense this jam will be broken. >> as of yet, no. in fact, one of the senators that i talked with who was in this undisclosed location, told me they will not return to the state capital here in madison, until they have a compromise, until the republicans are willing to sit down and look at the provisions and try and come up with some new solution or some new compromise. we will tell you, when we have spoken with republicans in the state senate, they have laughed that off, said there is no chance they are willing to do that, say they have the votes to pass this as it is. keep in mind, in order to get to a quorum, they only need to have 20 senators in the chamber here. there are 19 republicans. they only need one democrat to come here to the state house in madison to physically be in the room to have the quorum.
7:21 pm
that person can vote against it, talk about and oppose it but be physically present. the republicans say they have done the vote counting. their members are ready to go and ready to make this a law. >> mick, appreciate your reporting. we will stay in touch with you. >> dana, to the point he makes, the national union your sending out their leaders and lobbyists. you try to reach them in town today, they are all in meetings talking about this. they want to see who blinks and who cracks. when we get to social security and medicare special interests groups, this is big. >> this is very big. wisconsin is a little bit different because the state has a history of strong supports for unions. this isn't just about cutting pensions but about collective bargaining rights. that's why republicans in congress jumped on this so fast and in particular jumped on the statement you played from president obama saying e excuse
7:22 pm
me, isn't this what you learned from president barack obama. there was a vote by john boehner to cut jobs by republicans. it is just way it is. republicans are hoping that the lead that the republican governor of wisconsin is taking will be reflective of what they can do nationally. >> it was striking. i want to bring pete dominic, a show on serious xm radio. pete, you are in touch with people all day long. i was noting earlier that organizing for america, president obama's grassroots organization got involved in this. it went republican last year. it is one of the states we are looking at with a lot of question marks. the president is clearly casting his lots in wisconsin. what did you pick up on the radio about this? >> yesterday, when rick scott took down the funds. rick scott turns on the funds for the high-speed rail.
7:23 pm
we open up the phone lines. we talked to a lot of people in wisconsin. here is the thing, john king, when you are talking to anybody about unions, it is a conversation where there is a lot of anger, really a lot of vitriol. this is a very complex issue. there are no two sides to this issue. there are many angles to this issue. democratic voters vote for unions. republicans support businesses and business owners. as dana just said, strong support in wisconsin historically for unions. that's because that's where they were born really. we talked about this, no matter how you feel. this is ground zero right now for this fight. i learned a lot from listening to people. i don't think any union will have me, john king. that looks like hard work. it is interesting to hear from the people that support, don't support. it is just not that simple. we really do have to have a long
7:24 pm
and civil discussion about this issue. it is really important. >> i don't know if we can bring it back, whatever your view, whether you support the governor or don't support the governor, support the protesters or don't, let's show the sign of date. they are creative. we had a walk like an egyptian sign among the protesters. they are clever. we like that. they are designed to get attention. we are going to watch this play out in the state of wisconsin. all these other governors are watching. what's the most important thing to watch for, if the unions blink, if the new governor cracks? >> i think if the new governor cracks. at the moment, he doesn't seem like he is going to. we are talking about republican governors. if the governor cracks, there is an opening, a little bit like tunisia moves to egypt. the domino theory.
7:25 pm
if this one cracks, there will be others. >> these governors believe the old rules don't apply, that a lot of people would look at this and say, you can't possibly take on the public employees union. they believe after all the turmoil families have been through, the old rules don't apply and they will be supported if they do this? >> absolutely, especially in a place like wisconsin which politically has been democratic for so long. what a huge change as far as the national level, the senate seats and the governor's race. this is something that the governor clearly believes that he has to do and there is no question in talking to republicans nationally about sort of the fervor and the mood that they believe this is something that ultimately will then effect them politically and in terms of public opinion. >> candy crowley, thanks for helping. dana bash, you will be back. pete, what are you going to make people mad about tomorrow on the radio? >> we will focus on three hours
7:26 pm
on what justin beeieber thinks about politics. >> my daughter will call in on that one p p when we come back, they are back. don't go to break just yet. it is the president of the united states birth certificate, believe me, he was born in hawaii. some people just can't say it, though. believe me. we will be right back.
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a new change in tax law offers a benefit to mothers that breast feed.
7:30 pm
michele bachmann. >> i have given birth to five babies and breast fed every single one of these babies. to think that i have to go out and buy my breast pump for my babies. you talk about the nanny, new definition. >> first lady, michelle obama, told a group of reporters, she wants to promote breast feeding as a way to prevent childhood obesity. here she is talking a few months ago. >> because it is important to prevent obesity early, we are also working to promote breast feeding, especially in the black community, where 40% of our babies never get breast fed even in the first weeks of life. we know that babies that are breast fed are less likely to be obese as children. >> smart advocacy or too much
7:31 pm
lecturing. joining me from st. louis, dana lash, the editor in chief of the conservative big journalism blog and in new york, leann o'connor. is michelle obama trying to create a nanny state in your view? >> i kind of have to answer yes and no with this. i don't think it esnecessarily michelle obama that is trying to do this but rather some of the actions that the administration has taken. i am all for breast feeding. i breast my children 'til they were well passed a year. i think it is fantastic and advocacy for that. from a conservative perspective, i have to question what the white house is doing, because breast pumps actually fall under medical desisvices, which as yo know, those devices will be hit with a massive excise tax. don't make something tax deduct i believe that you are taxing, just don't tax it. the second thing, this i don't
7:32 pm
think necessarily pertains to the first lady but the way the white house is positioning itself towards this, as far as breast feeding is concerned, i realize the white house is trying to exert some influence over businesses to offer, to be more breast-feeding friendly. again, fantastic. i don't think it is the government's role to direct business. leave that choice up to the individual businesses, to the parents, to the individual period. >> leann, what do you think? should the first lady be encouraging this? she is the president's wife. when she speaks, one assumes she is speaking on behalf of the president. we know other government actions are involved as well. >> we know that breast feeding is important and one of the biggest barriers to continued breast feeding is working. so if we support these women by letting their flexible spending dollars be used for this equipment, we are not paying for breast pumps but letting women use their pre-tax dollars to
7:33 pm
have this equipment cared for and then they can continue breast feeding. that's what we want. the difference is, how much does it cost for these tax breaks versus the $13 billion that it would cost us in health care because women aren't breast feeding? >> let me actually lay out for anyone watching you who hasn't heard the change in the tax code. an irs announcement from one week ago, recognizes breast feeding supplies worthy of reimbursement. health saving accounts, you set money aside tax free and you can use it on health care expenses. it recognizes breast feeding supplies as a worthy expense and you can itemize them. listen to congresswoman back man on good morning america talking about her take on the change in the tax code. >> my quarrel isn't necessarily with the topic.
7:34 pm
i have given birth to five children myself. i strongly believe in breast feeding. i think what this points up again is that the tax -- >> am i fair to say, if you take away deductions for breast feeding devices, we should take them away for home ownership? >> you are talking to someone who subscribes to the jimmy mcmillan theory that things are already too high as is. i won't go in the full effect of that. breast feeding is fantastic but the government, it's already kind of making it a little bit difficult for moms anyway with all of the excessive taxation. we have 19 new taxes with the health care lo law. these excise taxes are going to cost businesses in excess of over $20 billion a year, which is going so skyrocket, not only the cost of these breast pumps but a lot of other related accessories to motherhood. i think it is kind of a weird way that the administration is
7:35 pm
going about it. if businesses want to attract better employees and more employees by offering perks like breast-feeding rooms and pumps and all of that stuff, if they want to make a smart business move, they should be allowed to make that decision for themselves without necessarily the government exerting influence over that. >> how about that argument, leann, that this should be the power of the marketplace, that a competitive business wants to hire you away and says, hey, look what i will do to make your life better? >> i think it is important that companies get a tax break for offering breast feeding rooms and breast feeding supplies and time off for mothers to express their milk. it makes a huge difference. there is a huge return on investment on creating these opportunities for women and for their families and you are going to retain employees. businesses don't know this until maybe somebody says, hey, this is important. this is going to make a difference locally and globally.
7:36 pm
>> dana lash, leann o'connor, appreciate your time on this important debate tonight. we will see you both at another time. >> thank you. >> thank you both. when we come back, stories breaking until the top of the hour and also this. this is the president's birth certificate. it is, really. he was born in hawaii. says so right here. so why is this still a debate among some republicans? that on the other side. only a local agent can do that. [click, motor hums] - doug pierce. lives in tornado alley. - hobby? - collects stamps. - excellent. - annette thompson. small business owner. hates cantaloupe. - good. - the lee family: twins. with another on the way. - mazel tov. - that's meatloaf. - hmm. [click] that's still meatloaf. - very good. moving on. - we are insurance. - ♪ we are farmers ♪ bum di bum bum bum bum bum ♪
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a new tweet from "the new york times." bahrain's family has started a campaign to have me fired. he is cracking down on the prodemocracy protests. he told us it involves centuries old tensions from shiites and sunni muslims. >> reporter: you have a sunni royal family that is presiding very uneasily over a largely shiite population. so from the royal family's perspective, democracy is profoundly unpalatable. a texas congressman says new information the killing of a u.s. drug agent in mexico shows it was a sanctioned hit by a drug cartel. michelle backman was asked if she believes that president obama is a christian and was born here in the united states. >> that isn't for me to say. >> do you believe it?
7:41 pm
>> that's for the president to say. when the president makes his statements, i think they need to stand for their own. >> i am just asking if you believe it. >> i think we should take the president at his word. >> if seeing is believing, i am going to hold this up one more time. this is the president's birth certificate. it says he was born in ha, the date of birth and where he was born. this is an official government document we are showing to you there in a clearer form. i will also show you these dlefr people who fabricated bo's birth were able to put this in the newspaper saying he was born that day. we have spent so much time looking into it. it keeps coming up. my question is, why? let's ask ed rollins and john avlon and cornell bellcher. first, there are people who are
7:42 pm
too playful with this in my opinion. they are just too playful with this. i can't quite understand why. i want to play a conservative. cocou we could have a debate about his views but asked point blank with the birther controversy, here is his answer? >> if you want pushback, i will give it right now, barack obama is a citizen of the country. we ought to get off this kick. there are plenty of differences we have between republicans and democrats than to spend time on this. >> why can't michele bachmann give that answer. eric cantor on meet the president recently won't answer this question. why can't they just say they know he was born in hawaii. >> i think it got restarted up again when the new governor of hawaii said i am going to go out and prove that he was born in hawaii. i was there when he was born. i knew his parents. i am going to produce the certificate and he couldn't.
7:43 pm
i have never had any doubts that he was an american citizen and could care. at the end of the day, i care about his policies and things that are going on. even if we had evidence that he wasn't a citizen. what are we going to do? he is president of the united states. move forward. i think cornell might take more interesting than john arlon. here is karl rove. he says, you know why this keeps coming up. >> this is a white house strategy. >> how do you know it is a white house strategy. >> the president could come out and say, here are the documents. they are happy to have this controversy continue. every moments the conservatives talk about this, they marginalize themselves and diminish themselves in the minds of independent voters. we can't spend the time talking about the failed stimulus bill, recless spending, obama care and his failures in foreign policies and his failures to talk about
7:44 pm
the 2 o 11 election. >> i am going to side with karl rove, that those that raise this diminish themselves. white house strategy, really? >> he was right up until the point he said this is a white house strategy. that's wishful thinking. that's absurd. this has been pumped up on the fringes for over a year. you don't have folks like bachman slam it down like karl rove did. they use weasel words like i will take the president at his word, which is what the speaker said over the weekend. no. the president is a citizen of the united states. stop this. move on. the folks on the far, far right stir this chum and it has rooted deep, bizarre anxieties. >> if 51% of republicans say they don't think barack obama
7:45 pm
was born in the united states and cornell voucher, your a numbers guy, that is up from august, 2009, when 44% of republicans said that. i assume that's why some republicans like to stir this. >> let's stop playing around. that birth certificate and all the evidence in the world isn't going to turn these people that want to believe that into believing it, because it is not reasonable and rational. this is about something more cynical and more dark. what is it that they can't call him when they call him unamerican. the bottom line is that barack obama is more american than michele bachmann. they have to open up their eyes and see what america is and stop playing these nasty little bipartisan divisional games. if you want to attack him for his policy, that's one thing. when you attack him for who he is and him not being america, that's taking it to a whole other level. >> this may be my favorite
7:46 pm
moment in a political conversation in weeks. i am going to speak these words. on this point, cornell belcher and company sarah palin agree. >> what we are concerned about is the economy and the policies coming out of his administration and what he believes in on big government and the private sector. the birth certificate, others can engage in that conversation. it is distracting and gets annoying. >> here we go. you go first and praise the former governor of alaska. >> she shows real leadership there. the problem is, so many republican primary voters think he is not an american citizen. does she harm her front-runner status but good for her. >> i promise you in the debates in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, this is not an issue.
7:47 pm
there is always a fringe that john avlon writes a column for cnn. i write a column for cnn. you look at the comments. it is scary what is written. a lot of cooky people on both sides. our cooks love this issue and they want to wave it. it is not a relevant issue. he is the president, an american citizen, the president of all of us. let's move forward. >> when we come back, there is talk again here in washington of a government shutdown. is it rhetoric or could it happen? er. -i'm in your cooking class. we play ball together. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. and you can even smoke during the first week. quitting on my own never seemed to be enough. this time it was different. this time i was ready. ready to take control. ready to talk to my doctor. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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here in washington tonight, the republican-led house of representatives working late into the evening on budget cuts which president obama threatens to veto but as the government shut down looms, perhaps a couple of weeks ago, speaker boehner isn't backing down. >> when we say we're going to cut spending, read my lips. we are going to cut spending. >> guests back with us and joining us dana bash. read my lips. we are going to cut spending. at issue here, hard for you at home, operating without a budget. continuing resolution. can't agree on the big package of cuts and democrats say give us a couple of more weeks and the speaker says, no, anything you get must have cuts. >> right. that's what it comes down to talking about potential government shutdown. the current bill that's funding the government runs out march 4th, two weeks from now. having a huge debate about
7:52 pm
massive, massive cuts right now. $61 billion what the republicans want. democrats say we want to keep it at current spending levels. the question is, what are they going to do to keep the government running? the bomb that john boehner dropper today said historically they kicked the can down the road. we won't do that for a couple of weeks and the democrats in the senate said, well, that just means we're headed far showdown and neither side gives because they're both backed into corners right now, it's entirely possible. >> ed rollins, as a republican do you worry about this? i want to show you an issue. the debt limit. they need to raise the debt ceiling. >> i never liked the phrase read my lips. john boehner will lose his leadership mantle if he backs down. he basically has to keep driving this agenda forward. obviously, the senate is not going to go along with him.
7:53 pm
and obviously the president made it very clear if they did, he'd veto the bill. you won't have a continuing resolution and the end of the day it may be a better environment to shut down the government. i'm not for it but people are used to looking at the spending priorities as something very important. >> john, a couple of issues here. one is the republican resolve against the democratic president on spending cuts. that could just in and of itself lead to a government shutdown and this red line is what the government is borrowing. this gold line is what it's allowed to borrow. we'll hit soon. you can have a government shutdown and chaos. the government out of the ability to write a new check. >> yeah. raising the debt ceiling is not something to play chicken with. they should not rubber stamp it but add on like a budget resolution to deal with the future spending. but look. you know, i think when we
7:54 pm
accelerate the conversation to government shutdown, that appeals to those who rwant to rn against the issue. there's a very clear message to reduce spending and two parties should be able to find a way to do this. doesn't always need to be brinkmanship. a government shutdown in anybody's interest. >> cornell, listen to senator boxer of california, the democrats have been almost goading the republicans to do this. they think -- they think they'll benefit politically if it happens. listen to barbara boxer. >> if the government is forced to shut down, members of congress and the president should be treated the same way as all other federal employees. we should not be paid. and to take it one step further, we could not be paid retroactively once the government reopens. >> take that. >> read my lips. if they shut down the
7:55 pm
government, ed, your boys lose double digit seats in the next election. they're going to get blamed for it out in front of it and a lot of those swing districts seats with the big independents they don't want the government shut down and going to blame the speaker on that. he's between a rock and a hard place. >> right, but -- >> if the house of republicans do pass something temporary that has a little bit of a spending cut it is going to be in the senate democrats' court to decide whether or not to shut it down or whether or not they want to -- >> continue the conversation. see if the senate becomes the world's most deliberative governmebody or government shutdown body. the president is on the west coast for a dramatic meeting. we'll show you an interesting statistic when we come back. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% more on car insurance?
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before we say good-bye tonight, there's air force one taking off today. a good place to start a little presidential trivia. the former president of the united states bill clinton disclosed while he was president he sent two e-mails, only two in eight years as president. one to john glenn in space and one to the u.s. troops. where is it going now? san francisco. he is going to sit down for an economy conversation with high-tech executives. the president's a wealthy man from selling the books. net worth, somewhere in the ballpark of $5 million. meeting with the


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